Innovent Solutions

Enabling Intelligent Decisions®

Innovent Solutions is a consulting firm, dedicated to the improvement of decision making through effective information management. Using commercial and open source technologies, we build systems that enable our clients and their customers to:

  • Find the information they want and need
  • Understand context and meaning of information
  • Trust the information to be accurate and timely

Our focus on customer goals and objectives combined with deep technical depth and experience, allow us to build successful, high visibility solutions that deliver immediate value to our clients. We have implemented solutions that enable organizations to better manage its business from interacting with customers to making strategic, financial, managerial and operational decisions.

We provide Consulting, Support and Training services through three practices areas: Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Search, and our solutions have encompassed all types of data, from internal to external, structured and unstructured. For each practice area we provide strategy, architecture and planning services, and we are adept at working with a variety of commercial software as well as stable, reliable open source projects.